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Mar 27, 2008 | By martha p. | 1

duke came to me 5 yrs. ago as a rescue.he was about 10 yrs. old..his owner had died without making provision for duke. the people clearing out the pla… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Angela b.

My husband went with his friend went to the pet store to get turtle food, and said there was a bird screeching with the owner of the pet store yelling… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By lana l.

Today Tina attacked 5 year old Caitlyn's long hair - time for a haircut!

Mar 27, 2008 | By Angela b.

Every morning when I made coffee, she was at my kitchen window waiting to greet me. I thought she had a home and was just wandering around. I asked … more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By CalvinsMom

is to replace words like "owner" and "pet" with the words "human" and "companion". And indeed, to replace any words that denote or connote ownership/… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By Anonymous | 1

We had to put Mup down yesterday. The vet thought she had a tumor on her brain that caused her to become paralyzed. 24 hours on a steroid did nothing … more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By CalvinsMom

Well, we finally got the crate. It is like freakin' Fort Knox! The bad part...he's afraid of the hollow metal sound it makes and he scrapes his back… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By jan l.

I would like to wish each and every shelter entered in this contest Good Luck! And to all the shelter employees, volunteers and rescue workers - keep… more ›

Mar 27, 2008 | By shelby r.

My horse got a sore on the front of her foot. Now i have to soak it in epsom salt and hot-warm water twice a day. But it is getting better now.

Mar 27, 2008 | By Stephanie C.

Isabeau is a lover - she is so very sweet and loves everyone she meets. I am very lucky to have her in my life. She gets comments where ever we go, ab… more ›

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