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Apr 04, 2008 | By Brandy O.

Silvester & Con Man are brothers, My Baby Gizmoe (RIP) gave birth to them & 2 other kittens on May 20th & 21st 2007 She started having them around 11:… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By Andy C.

By the time I was eight years old, my family dog had passed on. My family, unfortunately, was lonely without the comforts of an animal companion, so f… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By Scarabae | 2

My Books and the Colonial Rottweiler Club... A signed copy of each of my books--Into the Mirror Black and Angels of the Seventh Dawn--are prized lots… more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Karla B.

Heidi is doing better today than since her diagnosis of bone cancer and amputation in March of this year(08). She has been barking at passerbyers and … more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Yuvonne M.

Sebastian came into my life just two summers ago. Rags, our only dog at the time had become quite ill (see her journal), and I was afraid I was going… more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Karen

I joined this site after my sister invited me to and to help out the humane society in my area. I am still new to this, but I love getting on here. I … more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Tracy M. | 1

Tonight when I was getting ready to bathe Kailee Rex decided that he wanted a bath and tried to jump in, it was so cute. So after her bath he ended up… more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Heather W.

Mushu did the funniest thing yesterday! I came home and he saw me and immediatly meowed and and ran to the back door, begging to go outside. I was b… more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Jethro1266

We adopted Fletcher from MI Weimaraner Rescue in 11-06. He has brought so much joy to our lives. We has since became active volunteers for the Rescu… more ›

Apr 03, 2008 | By Roesdkt

Rusty is the saddest Great Dane you will ever meet. His latest trick is to sleep on the couch and then when he hears you coming down the stairs, he gr… more ›

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