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Apr 04, 2008 | By Brittany M.

Cricket was a present to me for my 10th birthday. I went with my mom to pick out either a cat or dog at a local humane society. I couldn't decide betw… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By Kimberlyhaas

Manny is a student now! Last week he started the class "Basic Manners 1" at the Dog Training Club of Chester County. His teachers, Sabine and Shirle… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By C G. | 1

Whether I like to admit or not (to myself), my shelter did not make it to the Top 20 list for a makeover and I am not happy about it! My initial drive… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By sharon d.

Poindexter happens to be one of hundreds of baby Bristlenoses that I've raised.His Father was brown,his mother was albino(yellow to me),so he's actual… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By 87Peace87

Of course I'm majorly bored; adn I'm trying not to use this like a blog but it's kind of fun, don' you think? But I just wanted to tell you that Sami… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By John H.

Smokey woke me up early this morning, seemed like he was trying to tell me something. He usually wakes me up at daybreak by running across my body (an… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By 87Peace87

I just wanted to give a shout out to my baby April!! She's done great in the "Pet Wars" (four wins so far--one loss) and I just think she's soooo ado… more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By tyson w.

I was adopted on march 29 2008. I am a year old bengal mixed. I love to talk and chase my toys. I had a slight cold but i am feeling much better now. … more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By Kaitlyn K.

I meow alot, I like to talk just like my owner..I also don't just bath myself in cat nip(roll around in it) I also eat it... would not want any of it … more ›

Apr 04, 2008 | By Elizabeth P.

Since the day I first held a three day old Loki in my hands he has had my heart wrapped around his little paw. A goof ball he makes me laugh and wear… more ›

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