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Apr 09, 2008 | By nancy r.

Washington Area Humane Society really deserves and needs this makeover. Donations keep this organization running. We are not a very rich area financ… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By KatLin

I'd really like to see this shelter get the makeover. It is currently to small to serve this community's needs. The community is expanding by leaps … more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By Jacob G.

Our shelter is amazing. I got my dog, Mr. Flops, from them. I can't imagine life without him now. He's so much a part of my day and life now. I owe al… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By candace e.

The Max fund does an incredible job of placing cats. Every week when I am at Petsmart for dog obedience classes, I make sure I visit all the cats tha… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By Trace T.

my dogs is so cool and playful i love them so much they are so cute

Apr 09, 2008 | By Brenda | 2

Mr. Richard Thompson visited our dilapidated little space to see all the good that we do – and the further good we would be able to do – with bett… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By Lauren S. | 3

Well, the "shelter makeover contest" has been a long ride for us! We initially thought that we shouldn't even try because we thought there was no way… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By sheryl w.

The HSOP took part in 2007 to help Mason County, WV Humane Society when they had a very large population of rescued animals. They went to Mason Co. a… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By P. H.

Our Jefferson County SPCA is truly a community effort. The dedicated employees and volunteers there are so great at what they do. Constantly involvi… more ›

Apr 09, 2008 | By Bob C. | 1

Zootoo visited the Voorhees Animal Orhanage today... I beleive things went pretty smoothly. I really liked Richard Thompson he has a great vision to… more ›

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