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Apr 07, 2008 | By Cassy S.

i believe that this humane society should win the makeover becuase they do a good job relocating animals, and they have a clean area, but it isn't qui… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Jennifer B. | 1

As a passionate supporter of animal welfare, I currently serve, and have also held, a number of positions in advocacy organizations. My heart goes out… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Jawhit6

Randy Grime does an absolutely fabulous job saving the stray dogs of St.Louis. He spends hours and hours out looking for the groups of dogs that he i… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Dave K.

I was fortunate to adopt my own cat on my own. He was a stray who was in desperate need of a home. I don;t know how long he had been out on his own,… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By clover s.

Linda Miles has dedicated a better part of her life to make a safe place for displaced animals. Although Linda does the best she can and is always fun… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Vmccullouch

The longer our troops spend in Iraq and Afghanistan the more the Jefferson County SPCA needs and deserves this makeover. As the only shelter in the F… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Gdefillipo

Often forgotten in times of need are those creatures that depend on us the most. The staff at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage have been diligent in the… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Dogmomx4

Without Danbury Animal Welfare we would not have our wonderful dog Oreo. She came to Danbury Animal Welfare from a kill-shelter in Bowling Green, Ken… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Lizzysmom

Stray Rescue in St Louis is strictly a labor of LOVE. Randy has dedicated his life to rescueing dogs that don't have a home, a chance or any small nec… more ›

Apr 07, 2008 | By Kari B.

I am so proud of our Bowling Green Shelter we have made the top 20!!

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