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Apr 21, 2008 | By CalvinsMom | 6

Calvin and Brock are still not completely 100% OK with sharing toys and sometimes sharing Mommy and Daddy but for the most part, they have come around… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By Mariannhyslop

I have been with the West Plains Reginal Animal Shelter since 1999/2000,and am currently a Board Member. When I first joined it was to help any way I… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By lori b.

We have been looking for our cat lucky now for 4 months. We calked it up the lady up the street 2 houses up killed our cat. Because now there arent an… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By Jeanne H.

We're hoping the weather is fine and lots of folks come out to welcome the zootoo team to MaxFund. From the otehr visits I am very excited about the … more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By Christine M.

Hello all! The Rescue newsletter is finally up and going in it's NEW online format! You do not have to be a Pit Bull person to enjoy The Wiggle Butt G… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By PR Department

On Wednesday, April 16, Mr. Richard Thompson and his Zootoo crew visited the SPCA Serving Erie County! Thanks to Mr. Thompson and his amazing staff, f… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By Lenabena99

I can't say how much I love and appreciate the work that Maxfund does. They truly rehabilitate animals, developing loving, trained and socialized dogs… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By Sharon S.

Well, Tessa is enjoying having more freedom gradually given to her. When I adopted her in November she was starting to be sick, so I had to keep her i… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By gail f. | 1

We had our hamster back to the vets this past week. They didn't catch the infection in time when we were there the fist time, so it has moved to the b… more ›

Apr 21, 2008 | By KittiesRsweet

I feel that the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley deserves the Shelter Makeover because they are in desperate need of funds and an update. They rely o… more ›

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