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Apr 11, 2008 | By ruthie | 1

We couldn't be more excited and nervous to welcome zootoo's President and the Humane Society to our little shelter. We are trying to let the whole com… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Melissa S. | 1

Has something frozen over? Are we in the Bizarro-World? I just read the most incredible note from Guy and I'm wondering if he's hired a communication… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Kelley M.

I'm from a small town, I love animals. I work in a machine shop soldering different kinds of cables and sometimes also assembling them. I'm married … more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Hobbitess | 2

The West Plains Regional Animal Shelter (WPRAS) is a no-kill shelter staffed entirely with volunteers who are some of the most hardworking, devoted an… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Phenke

The Human Society of the Mid-Ohio Valley really needs a new place for the animals. I have been there and the facility is old and needs to be tore d… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Arden722

I wish everyone could see what a fine job the SPCA of Cattaraugus County does. They take in every sort of animal and do their best to place them. Th… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By peggy sue c.

Ebany stays at willowes and greets everyone. she loves to play with toy mouse.

Apr 11, 2008 | By Ballbraindogs

This is a small shelter with a BIG heart!!! I always donate to them because they need so much! If you go to the shelter they have many caring and ded… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Debbieb825

The Erie County SPCA has one of the most wonderful Wildlife departments I believe in this part of the country. Almost completely run by 50 volunteers… more ›

Apr 11, 2008 | By Teechurbug

I love animals - no kidding - most people on this site wouuld share that feeling. I adopt my dogs from WAHS because they are helping the "unwanted pe… more ›

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