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Apr 08, 2008 | By Eileen R.

Our Olean SPCA is a wonderful place but we definitely need a larger facility for our area. Our SPCA is responsible for a wide area. There are many far… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Lildavidson578

One day my dog was outside,and another dog came around the corner and my dog seen the dog and ran after him/her.And was lost for 4 days but was found … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By PatAitken

I first heard of Little Shelter after 9/11, when they were featured on a local news station. They had sent their annual appeal out the week of the tr… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By April B.

Frodo passed away on September 18 of 2006. He was 3 years old. He'd been sick for a long time, we tried medications and keeping him in my room for tem… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Alexis7798

Little shelter is a facility like no other, who is committed to preserve life and give homes to all the animals that touch their doors. I have seen … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By amy c. | 3

I've heard rumors about zootoo suggesting that people write journal entries on why their shelter should win a million dollar makeover. I've contacted … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By MaryMcDonald

I volunteer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis, MO., a no-kill shelter, of which there are 2, both very small and run down. Randy Grimm, the founder, and ot… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Jena L.

Maxfund saved Bobby from the streets of Denver and Amos from New Orleans. Their clinic gave Bobby a TPLO operation and kept him safe until he was hea… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Zach M.

I have twice adopted a pet from the Jefferson County SPCA and know first hand what space contraints they face. The facility is very small and yet the … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Rondi60

I live in Maine! How did I become a supporter of the Maxfund No Kill Animal Adoption Center in Denver? Because one of their volunteers is a friend of… more ›

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