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Apr 15, 2008 | By Dawn D.

Mr. Sam got neutered last Friday, and had to get a cone put around his head because he kept trying to lick his stitches. After about a day of staying… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By daryl b.

piper always likes to return my favor of scratching and reening him by nibbleing and preening me. since i don't have anything to protect my skin i can… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Mschutte

I found Scarlet in my fenced in back yard. She had no tags. I walked her around the neighborhood thinking someone might see & claim her. I called ani… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Dougstack

I am writing in support of the Maxfund no-kill shelter in Denver, Co. Over the years I have participated in foster care and volunteer work in several… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By daryl b.

well it is still that time of year for cockatiels to want to breed. piper is building a nest behind one of my coats and doc is building ne on my kitch… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Rachel E.

Well, little miss Kelsie Jane Estep, is very happy. She got to see 2 of her aunts, Sandy & Nettie. She loves it when they come over, she just races a… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Kimberly G. | 1

I have seen first hand the dedication and love Bobbi and the Strays has for the animals in their care. They are so hard-working and desparately in nee… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By b s.

I have been a volunteer at this shelter for a couple of years now, and have adopted three animals from them. The people that work there are the most … more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Dorothy13

What a unique place. How fortunate I was to have found this place. Here at the end of Warner Road and Elwood lies a place with so much love, compass… more ›

Apr 15, 2008 | By Callan G.

I am so excited this weekend I adopted out a bunny named Tristan from Midwest Rabbit Rescue and Re home! He went home with this extremly nice family f… more ›

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