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Apr 08, 2008 | By Nightbeem

My fiance has always wanted a pure bred dog and in december we got an 8 week old rottweiler. The plan had been to get one dog now for him and another … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By stephanie c.

I believe that the Parkersburg Wv animal shelter deserves the makeover because they do so much to get the community involved. They are always hosting… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Denise B.

The Animal Orphanage in Voorhees could benefit so much from a makeover. There are so many people helping find their animals such great homes and they … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By gail f. | 1

One day my daughter told me that Sweetie's eye was all crusty and closed up. I called the vets the next day and they said that he probably just got so… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Anne H.

Our shelter needs a makeover -- although the volunteers do their best to keep everything in good order, it always seems that we are just putting a "fi… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Donna3

I wish all could recieve makeovers. I would like to see our shelter recieve a makeover they have been working very hard to make our shelter a 100% no… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Michelle & Matt S.

The Staff and Animals of Second Chance Animal Shelter Rule! The Staff is constantly going above and beyond to get involved in the community as well a… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Jules0023

Bear is "big" golden retriever. I got him as a Christmas gift, but when Joann saw him she saw Zeke too. So we now have brothers. They are different… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Vandriver2008

Our local Humane Society is so deserving of the make-over. Their facilities are old and not big enough to maintain the type of care that they would l… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Danielle C.

Bobbi and the Strays continues to get unwanted animals. The other week a box was left overnight in the cold at the front of the shelter. Inside this… more ›

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