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Apr 08, 2008 | By Devon W. | 6

Hi Zootoo People, This is Scarlett, and I am a "Imitation Chocolate Lab". I came up to Connecticut from West Virginia and was rescued from a high … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Sarah B.

My Molly is really starting to show the signs of aging. She can't get around very well anymore. We are giving her Rimadyl to try to help alleviate som… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Sarah B.

I love to chase my tail. It is always following me and it won't quit moving back there. Someone needs to teach it a lesson. So, I chased it around … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Alan J.

The reason washington county slelter needs this make over will be very apperant when the team sees this site. It is in desperate need of improvements … more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Patrick G.

Our shelter, Washington, PA, has the interest of the animals at heart. It is such an old facility but is kept clean and keeps the needs of the animal… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By sam s.

I think washington should win the makeover because I personally have gotten animals from there before. They turned out to be wonderful dogs. The peopl… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By IrishAngel3d

I can't say enough about special dogs that have come into our life due to this shelter Both have been gentle loving pets. Hedi Ho @ 7 mos.was the fi… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Chicnhair

The city planners continue to leave the center out of the city's future plans. As the city grows, so does the animal population. We need the makeove… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By KAD

Many people find animals to be the source of great happiness. Animals are not self sustained creatures as some people might think when they drop them… more ›

Apr 08, 2008 | By Susan T.

I am looking forward to when Zootoo arrives here in Bethel, CT on April 10th. You bet I will be there supporting our local shelter for this make-over … more ›

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