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Apr 17, 2008 | By Gloria A.

I would like to personally Thank Richard and his staff from the Bottom of my Heart for coming to see the Cattaraugus County SPCA. You were very Gra… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Jodi R. | 1

Thank you Dr. Kaplan for taking such good care of my boy Charlie Brown. Thanks to you he is now so much more comfortable. I trusted you to do his su… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Cassie3 | 12

I am not a volunteer at MaxFund. In fact, I have been there once in November 2006, and saw only the lobby. The reason for my one visit was coming ac… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By DianaWood

There is not any way to describe the love of an animal. They are always there for you and you want to give them the very best. Our animal shelter h… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Amanda J.

SO, the vet visted the barn today. I was completely amazed of how well bo, and harley stood for their shots! There was one reaction to the vacs, but t… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Sharon H.

We invite Zootoo members to see our available animals on our website We adopt all over the northeast, but do not ship animals. We … more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Sharon H.

I'm new at this, but I thought I would give it a try. I'd like to talk a little bit about the daily happenings at our kennel. Each day is different, … more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Heather C.

Woody went to his first day of obedience class at Gillette last night. We were worried that his stubborn beagleness would embarress us. But we ended… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Theresa L.

Gabby is our second boy. OOOPs, we thought he was a girl when we found him..He is very verbal and will always get his point accross. He was also a re… more ›

Apr 17, 2008 | By Richard t. | 68

The SPCA Serving Erie County is the most organized and well managed shelter I have seen on our tour! The people, the operations and procedures, and th… more ›

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