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Apr 18, 2008 | By Rachel E.

Kelsie, as you all know LOVES her aunt Sandy. Well, aunt Sandy was over to our house last night chatting and all that jazz. She, Kelsie's grandma, & … more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By janice k.

you just visited our shelter. we all support it very much. it old and small, we think that they deserve the make over as you can see from all the vo… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Barb G.

This past Tuesday, poor Jake fell out of the car when (we think) Wyatt got his big paw stuck in the door handle! Don't know if anyone else has experi… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Inu

Bobbi is an amazing woman who has dedicated her life to caring and saving those animals who have been "cast away." She does not turn any away. This … more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Jill S.

Mercy is a 60 pound lab/greyhound mix who is almost 6 years old. I received her from my sister in a different city. My sister had been walking by this… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Teresa C. | 3

So yesterday I picked up seven orphaned puppies at the shelter. They are about three weeks old, eyes are open, but they cannot sit up yet, they just s… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Fsbwolf

The devoted people at Little Shelter help make this world a much brighter and happier place for all the animals they come in contact with. I have s… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Jamie I.

My dog Sophie, a 2-year-old lab / beagle mix, refuses to get in the car on her own. She's in the car often - she and my other dog go to doggie day car… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By GaryBaker

The light went on when Zootoo came to Cattaraugus County yesterday. All the talk while Richard was touring our shelter was about what a great idea he… more ›

Apr 18, 2008 | By Anne B.

tater is back home. The home he went to was not a good match for him. I worried when he went that it might not work out. Well the quest goes on to fin… more ›

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