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Mar 26, 2008 | By George G.

Sam loves to be around people mostly because he hopes that they will give him treats. He also loves to be around my other dog Sugar. They both like t… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Anonymous

Hi this is my journal. Monty and ginny were fighting today over a shin bone treat. It got a little heated but we broke it up here at school.

Mar 26, 2008 | By Libbie S. | 3

This is for all of the pet lovers whose babies are growing up =( My Bentel has OFFICIALLY turned 5. Today! Happy Birthday Bentel!!! If anyone want… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Ilovefrogs1199

Grace is a 6 month old Boxer, she is such a lovey. She is very fast at almost everything, loves to play all day if she could and my kids love her, she… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Mariaglaister

i walk and feed dogs i love to play with dogs and i can help you with your dog needs only 10.00 dollars

Mar 26, 2008 | By Kelly W.

It's funny how we felt the need to give you a middle name! But it fits because you are so darn cute!

Mar 26, 2008 | By Carole A.

I wanted another Collie...not a puppy as they take a huge amount of work, but a gal that would fit in with my other two. Decided I'd go through a res… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Annette

I have been in rescue now 7 years and i am dedicated to saving as many as I can so far in 20 months i have helped over 300, I have vetted them, adopte… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Twizzle

After a devastating death of our beloved dog Holiday, we visited a shelter where we met many pups but one stood out. Our last visit was to a mut. She… more ›

Mar 26, 2008 | By Theperknall

He is a great cat someone threw out along a side of Sprinkle road. Some one found him and came down to my sisters farm to see if we could find him a … more ›

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