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Apr 12, 2008 | By Alisonkurek

While I've always been impressed by the good works at the SPCA Serving Erie County I was especially so when I attended "CATSTRAVAGANZA!" last July. I … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Equine1

i think that little shelter should get the makeover because they save not only dogs and cats but also save our meaning of being human,they save the sp… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Esther S. | 1

This is one amazing pup to train. He'll be six months old April 17, and he's working so beautifully. He's such FUN to train, because he's so eager and… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Robyn S. | 1

We moved recently and several neighbors have dogs. I'd not known how lonely for other dogs Vlad had been. Until last summer when Beethoven passed, he… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Susie89320

I feel the Erie County SPCA is most deserving of a million dollar makeover. They do a wonderful job with all the animals they care for, but the facili… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By ShilohSport

The Washington Area Humane Society absolutely deserves the makeover! It is amazing how they operate out of that run down facility. They do the best… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By DebbieKelley

Everyone has done such a fantastic job to help get us there! Now, I believe, the most important thing we can do, is to show up on the 23rd, and show … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By RRuin

When my 16 year old poodle, Nero, died January 21, 2007 it was tough. But going to Little Shelter in Huntington, New York to find a new dog to keep … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Bonnie H.

I believe the Jefferson County SPCA should win the makeover as they desperately need it. They take in strays as well as animals people can no longer … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By linda v.

Does my shelter, the Jefferson County SPCA DESERVE to win the makeover? It sure does and I'll tell you why, but I also want to tell you why it N… more ›

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