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Apr 23, 2008 | By Brian K.

"Milagro" is safe and getting care at Chippewa Animal Hospital :) in case you want to see the newstory--St.Louis Channel 4 covered it. Not sure i… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Jenniferwinkle

I am so excited that Stray Rescue of St. Louis finished in the top twenty! I got involved with Stray Rescue when my good friend Tara started voluntee… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Milla1107

My little girl, Milla, is approaching 6 months old. It seems like the time is flying by and she is getting so much bigger. She has been a great pupp… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By SPCA

Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli was in attendance at the SPCA's April 16 rally; she was so moved by Mr. Thompsons' words and by the p… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Brian K.

During a routine east side trip today, Randy came across a house... a death house. Neighbors told him that there were dogs inside needing rescue. … more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Phoenix99

I was about 16yrs old and I was working at petsmart I decided i wanted a dog so i called the shelter and they said they had a 5lb poodle so i went the… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Rachel E.

This morning was a unique one, as I was up before Kelsie, which is VERY RARE. She usually wakes me up with a gentle pat and snort. I wake up to her f… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Jill R. | 1

Apr 23, 2008 | By Anonymous

The Parkersburg Humane Society is small but it has the biggest hearted and hardest working director and staff. They are out in the community at every… more ›

Apr 23, 2008 | By Susan T.

After King passed away I felt a void in my heart. I know I still have 4 other dogs that I spoil. I am not sure what it was, but it is as if King was t… more ›

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