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May 08, 2008 | By Sandy B.

We are so loving Velvet these days. Ever since my best friend called and asked if we had room for a "little bitty" bunny we have just been in love. … more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 1

Well, we got the flea issue taken care of. That Frontline Dr. Brown, the vet, gave us works like a charm! I was surprised, since we had used a few ot… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Matt H. | 1

PURRFECT FENCE OFFERS SPRINGTIME TIPS FOR CAT LOVER Keep your cats safe and happy this spring while enjoying the great outdoors Spring is final… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Debdog

Gina was diagnosed w/ pancreatitis on May 2. After daily IV fluids, pain management and one on one care, she is recovering very well. Today is May 8th… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Patti Z.

I love our Mission Statement, so I would like to share it with you: MISSION The mission of the SPCA is to create a caring and kind community tha… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Jill R. | 10

Azalea, Rhododendron (Rhododendron spp.) Rhododendron species contain Grayanotoxin which affect sodium channels in cell membranes, leading to neu… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Charlene O.

I don't live in NY but my really good Aussie mate Jodi works there and I know the place is awesome doing all they can for the animals. I know everyone… more ›

May 08, 2008 | By Deepwoodshunter2

On or around 5/5/2008 our kittie never came home, like he usually does. This is our second cat that came up missing. We had a tiger kitty come up mi… more ›

May 07, 2008 | By betty p. | 20

I would say most folks know who Yoda is. If you don't, then watch Star Wars and figure it out. Yoda is a very smart creature with few words. But yet, … more ›

May 07, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 3

Beaglepawz had mentioned beagleproofing the house in the last comment on the previous journal entry. I stated that I pretty much had it covered other… more ›

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