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May 03, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 5

1. They are wonderful furkids. 2. They are very loving. 3. They're smart. 4. They make sure that you never have a dull moment in your house again!… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By NicoleV

Little Shelter is a great network of caring volunteers - they help so many animals find a loving, forever home. A makeover would help them have a mode… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Jessica C.

Ok, so Chad and I adopted Weaver from a humane society in Brazil, Illinois just a few months after we got married in 2001; he was the sweetest puppy e… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Jessica F.

I previously wrote about the empty Schweitzer house and kennels, and how Pets Without Parents had proposed renovating the buildings to use as a dog sh… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Goofygracie

I love volunteering in the Petique at the Erie County SPCA. I get to fit home-bound dogs for collars and harnesses, as well as educate the new owners… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Michele J. | 2

Well, here we are. Another weekend at home with the pudgy puggies! We'll probably spend most of it vacuuming up :) I mean the fur, not the pugs :)

May 03, 2008 | By Robin S.

Blessed is what we are to have such a great gift of love that we can share and have given back to us by having a pet. Our dog Lucky has added more th… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 2

Kelsie has a fave toy, 'binky' as it's known at the house, because it's almost like a pacifier to her, like a binky or pacifier is to a baby. She just… more ›

May 03, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 1

I had just brought Kelsie home some special treats I got for her. They are breath busters (which she needed, DESPERATELY), and teeth cleaners. The fl… more ›

May 02, 2008 | By betty p. | 8

I have recently been accused of something horrible. I still can not believe the accusation against me. I am hurt and troubled by it. I have been to… more ›

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