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Apr 13, 2008 | By Tempestnite

This organization relys completely on private donations, and does not receive any state or county funding. They are fortunate to have many volunteers… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Monge50

I believe the Little Shelter deserves this makeover because they do an incredible job caring for lost and abandoned animals. Jody has also rescued pu… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Ljbusch

I have my own pets who I adore very much.. I got into fostering thanks to a friend and have not quit doing so since..My animals are pretty easy going … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Tammy

This is Tigger. He turned 4 yrs old on Jan. 29th. He is our little stinker! He loves to get into whatever he can and then puts on that innocent eskie … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Tammy

Jake is my 2nd Eskie. He was suppose to be my first foster but as soon as he hopped into the car I knew I would be adopting him. He has a few issues f… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Tammy

Wolfer was the first eskie I owned. He is my heart dog and knew from the moment I saw him that he needed to come live with me! We are very connected a… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Harrysperson

We're so happy and greatful that zootoo has visited the Little Shelter and hope that they were able to see it as we do. It is a very special place fil… more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Esther S.

April 12 Hah. Today I crawled in under the blanket next to my Human and took a nap. I let her pet me and even purred for her. She was so grateful. … more ›

Apr 12, 2008 | By Esther S.

March 21 Ah, peace and quiet. My Human took that thing away. Food bowls are full, litter is clean, plenty of water... If only they'd STAY away.

Apr 12, 2008 | By betty p. | 1

Today was suppose to be an easy day at the shelter. We had 3 adoptions planned. This means folks filled out their applications, got pre-approved, then… more ›

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