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May 09, 2008 | By Majka3 | 2

Hay everyone wats up Im new and just got a pit bull his name is Buster he is 6 weeks old I also have a Geoko Her name is Samy and I Love my babies!!!!… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Theresa | 7

Well, it has been quite busy the past couple days. Poor Smitty is sick, he has been hissing and crying off and on. Sometimes he acted fine like there … more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Stevie R. | 2

It has been three months since I brought Tyler home from the shelter. He has come out of his shell and is quite a tyrant. He is very hyper and barks… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Pooka

today i went into the shelter like i do every friday. but today was a special day i just didnt know it . a 9yr was getting a new home and a new family… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Bill G. | 1

Well - I happened to visit Wal Mart today and the folks from the Humane Society were in front of the store soliciting donations from the shoppers. Tha… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Missi R.

Well we finally got the Zootoo site up and running! The dogs are excited and it was a lot of fun taking their pics. Anyway, off to meet an animal-lovi… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Molly L.

Today was Robby's first visit to the vet. Lizzie had to be run in as well for her annual checkup, and we all know how well she responds to that - she … more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Chandler W.

I wasn't there when my mom first got this cat but once I was born he would sleep at the foot of my crib. He was known for that :) One time my best f… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Chandler W.

Ashlee has always been one to get herself into 'bad' situations but always escapes them with her quick mine and angelic look. She can jump in and out… more ›

May 09, 2008 | By Anonymous | 9

Okay, not me - but SOME of you are Florida bound :) My time has been very limited these past 2 weeks due to some family issues but I have to post a m… more ›

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