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Apr 06, 2008 | By Photo Pam

I've got to say I'm REALLY impressed by the outcome of the shelter makeover. Over the course of the event, I watched as we climbed to number one, the… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By JEANBUCKLEY | 1

I have worked at JFK Airport for many years. Over those years, I have seen many strays around our warehouse, both in our old building and where we ar… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By ZENA

Yesterday I got a new Boxer whom we named Storm. We werent going to keep her until we saw the collar. It was made of Lawnmower wire and a too small co… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By DonnaJK

Today April 6 we choose our new puppy. Boston was one of 8 in his litter and he was too cute to resist. His mommy is Queenie and his dad is Duke, they… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By Anonymous

Every week, I go to a shelter, and volunteer. When I go there, it's not the mess I see, or all the cages that need to be cleaned, it's all the animals… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By kimmy D.

At the Churchill animal protection society CAPS there have been many adoptions. But also A LOT of returns. If your not a responsible pet owner don't a… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By Sandy B.

Callie loves water. She will play with running water in sink and bathtub. She also loves to splash the water out of her bowl.

Apr 06, 2008 | By Marta J.

Spring is here (finally) and so is the mud. My puppies are loving it. They get to romp and play for hours, and boy are they mudballs. Thank goodness t… more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By Amanda M.

today Nukus took me on a nice little walk.. I swear- he has to believe he has a "territory" and needs to prowl it.. good thing he only goes out while … more ›

Apr 06, 2008 | By K

On Friday I went outside to give Bear some water- and his collar was on the ground attached to his tie-out and he ws GONE! We all went outside and ran… more ›

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