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May 05, 2008 | By Goofygracie

The shelter is such a fun place to be. Saturdays are especially busy, because that's when families can visit the shelter together. We could help so … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Marcello D. | 26

I wonder how whipping an animal 500 times to finish first in a race can be considered humane. I ask myself why we all get upset when we see them put … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Sharon D.

Working with the wonderful and caring folks at Little Shelter has been an amazing experience. There is so much compassion for the animals and genuine … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Kuchcicki

This place has the nicest people that are devoting so much time to help animals and families come together. These people are the greatest and deserve … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By hilary c.

I worked at little shelter for a year on and off. I really enjoyed my time there. The shelter really tried to do right by the animals as best they c… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By John

pictures of pets...

May 05, 2008 | By Cathy N.

It is hard to express in words how much the Voorhees Animal Shelter deserves to win the shelter makeover contest. The staff and volunteers of the she… more ›

May 04, 2008 | By Boo04736

My daughter has been wanting a dog for quite some time now..We just moved from an apartment where there were no pets allowed into our own home a few m… more ›

May 04, 2008 | By Sadiegirl3703

I have five dogs, four mixed breeds and one pembroke welsh corgi.

May 04, 2008 | By April M.

If anyone is looking for an excelant Chinese Crested Breeder I would suggest going to Terrie is woderful. All her dogs are … more ›

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