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May 05, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 2

Kelsie loves her toys, but has tore 2 of them up. Binky, the purple loofa dog toy will be having his second 'surgery'. Then Kelsie's beloved one-ey… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Allthingsjennifer

I grew up on a farm and was always surrounded by dozens of kitty cats at any given time, however since leaving home to go to college...some years ago … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Bethe08 | 3

Last week @ work, it was quitting time & 1 of the ladies I work with started her car to go home. She thought she heard a noise coming from her engine … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Bethe08 | 1

Today we took the boys out into the yard for some fresh air. Oh, how happy they were. Luke just wanted to eat some fresh grass and BO just wanted to c… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By JEANBUCKLEY | 1

I just happened to read something about when giving of oneself and reaching out to others, we often find new strength within ourselves. This helps to… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Joana123

My experience with Little Shelter in Huntington was wonderful. I recently lost my dog Rosie to cancer. I was very sad but thought getting another do… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By phill C.

We are in need of Foster homes. If you have an open home and open heart, go to our web site and fill out the foster application. … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Jean Kristen W.

This Thursday Marz has to go in to have some dental work done. She has a chipped tooth that no other doctor noticed. They will also take an x-ray to… more ›

May 05, 2008 | By fran m. | 2

I remember joining some animal support group a few months ago. Care??? And all was fine until I posted a survivor of MICHAEL VICK as my avatar. I was … more ›

May 05, 2008 | By Tracy Moser Re Pets M. | 2

I know this seems crazy, but when your trying to house break 5 shelter dogs, and they get finaly get it, its something to write about! This morni… more ›

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