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Apr 24, 2008 | By Eileen510

Please choose St. Louis' Stray Rescue for the shelter makeover. Randy does a wonderful service for the neglected and abused animals of St. Louis. He… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 1

My little miss puggy girl was being a major stinker today, where our neighbor's cat, Abby (a.k.a. Kelsie's arh enemy). I had taken Kelsie out for o… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Kwills

About a year ago my son then three years old came to me and said mommy I want a doggy for my birthday. I told him that I would ask his daddy. Well dad… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By T W.

The following was taken from an e-mail I received from Animal Welfare Assoc. in Voorhees NJ.......... "The first urgent issue is that the shelter i… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Gerry F.

If you want to better your chances of being elected, you had better realize that a whole lot of people love animals. Many people think that most ani… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By John H. | 1

Yesterday after the ZooToo visit, I heard someone say that the numerous puppies currently in the shelter would not all make it out, and I had a premon… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By George P. | 2

We survived the events leading up to the top 20 then worked to make our part of the tour go great. Coordinating schedules not only our own, but also o… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Rachel C.

Hi All..There is an ad in this week's paper that just floored me. It reads 10 Black Lab Puppies, prebreds w/no papers,approx. 3wksold, eating our of b… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By KMK

Please consider the Erie County SPCA to win the million dollar makeover. My family has adopted several animals over many years of living in WNY. Thi… more ›

Apr 24, 2008 | By Lvance

Animals are an important part of all our lives. Every animal does not have an owner to take care of it so the Humane Socities takes care of and try… more ›

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