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Apr 29, 2008 | By Brian K.

So Shannon and I gave in and took two puppies. They will be gone fast. With the Pep Rally Adoption Event and the Petsmart Adopt-a-thon this next weeke… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Pam

I have recieved this in an e-mail, so I copy and pasted it. I thought others might want to know about this. Promeris flea & tick treatment. I have nev… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Sherry C.

I am happy to have been invited to come here, as I am finding that more and more, I prefer the company of critters and critter lovers, to those who ar… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Michelle R.

It is finally over! To be quite honest, I am relieved. It was very stressful the week before zootoo came, more stressful than they will ever know. I e… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Rakubu The movie is about karma and the ultimate what goes around comes around theme. Please visit the site and sign the guestbook. … more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 4

Boy, Betty really hit the nail on the head, when she said in her comment on my last journal entry, that Kelsie was spoiled, rotten, and a diva! LOL … more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Bain

I just got Chase a Golden Retriever. He is 4 months old and so laid back. He gets along great with the other dogs, it like he knew to leave Quigley … more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Denise A.

Roxie is a mommies girl 100%. She follows me all around and gives me kisses and hugs constantly. We have had her since she was 2 months old and sh… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Denise A.

Isabelle is full of life and loves attention. She is an in your face dog who will wiggle her bottom constantly in joy. She's Brutis's girlfriend an… more ›

Apr 29, 2008 | By Denise A.

We got Brutis when we go Isabelle...they have grown up together and are as close as two dogs can be. Brutis is your average Bulldog..Big, Beefy an… more ›

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