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May 18, 2008 | By Charlynne D. | 1

In a contest where a community and it's surrounding area rallied around a shelter, they don't even make the top 3??? WAHS had 800,000 more votes than… more ›

May 18, 2008 | By Brian K.

So Shannon came home, seen the second tank set up and was pissed. I was already sleeping because I had to get up at 3:30am for work. She came to bed a… more ›

May 18, 2008 | By Brian K. | 2

Wrigley was such the good boy. I tell you that he is a perfect Pit. He just hangs out and loved on every human and dog that walked up to him. One … more ›

May 18, 2008 | By Lisa M.

My dog Lucy was adopted from a Humane Society. Mutts are my favorite dogs.

May 17, 2008 | By Mindy B. | 2

I hope that the local media will pick-up the story about this disgusting abuse of the public by ZOOTOO!! I think that this "contest" was just a way f… more ›

May 17, 2008 | By Dora B.

Started a journal, that is. I find the Zootoo site somewhat difficult to navigate. Or is that just me?

May 17, 2008 | By Karen S.

Tensing came to me as a foster, but that last for 1 night and it was love at first sight and he was adopted by me the next morning. It has been amazin… more ›

May 17, 2008 | By julia l.

why do people do it does it make them feel better. i have went to the fair and seen a man have a monkey pulling on its chain so it could breath he dre… more ›

May 17, 2008 | By betty p. | 7

I did not go to the Animal Expo every single day. I would have loved to, but time was not really my friend. Wednesday, was spent with our friends in D… more ›

May 17, 2008 | By Eileen510 | 1

I think I might have inadvertently bought my dog from a puppy mill. I found a puppy on the Petfinder website and she was perfect. We've been looking … more ›

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