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Apr 10, 2008 | By Gail B.

What an absolute heart-warming thrill it was to have ZooToo visit DAWS today! I'm so glad you all got to see how much our community supports DAWS and… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Stacey C.

All day I was receiving e-mails from friends and family members who heard about or watched the ZooToo visit on the radio, the news, or in the paper. … more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Herburban

I am a Veterinary Technician student graduating in May 2008, and will be certified immediately after. I have been at Second Chance Animal Shelter as a… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Daryl B.

Today was a huge day for DAWS and ZooToo! Thank you for spending the day with DAWS and learning about our community and our work. We're grateful for t… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Monica k.

at schol it seems like i put on a clown mask, when i get home i take it off, i do this because i dont know if could show my freinds what i want to say… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By CMC58

I am very impressed with the Maxfund volunteer program. My 9 year old daughter and I have been volunteering for just a month, but it is so refreashin… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Bridget

Zootoo came to Danbury Animal Welfare Society today (4/10/08). We only had a little over a week to prepare, but what a celebration we had. There mus… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Sashimi

When you see someone dedicate their life for the well being of animals and watch them go without so that the animals are in a better place - that is c… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Tucker01

I'm sure you've heard the poem about the "Rainbow Bridge". The Rainbow Bridge is where our pets go when they die. Our pets return to their younger, he… more ›

Apr 10, 2008 | By Catsbegone

Don't be fooled by my name. I am one of the biggest cat lovers around. I also have a dog and 5 horses and 5 sheep and one donkey. I have been a vol… more ›

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