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May 13, 2008 | By Charliegirl01

Nicole is with the Wilkes County Humane Society and she took a couple of days and decided that Tater would do well in her new home. He is so smart and… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Jodi R.

Getting ready for our trip to Florida tomorrow and just wanted to say thank you to everyone who helped get us to this point. We couldn't have done it… more ›


May 13, 2008 | By Andrea l. | 1 update on my horses...Brett is going to compete training this weekend. He has really started to relax and move through his body. Brett is ju… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Amber G. | 1

I've had an unusually difficult day after watching a heartbreaking movie from the night before, involving a young child and her mother's violent husba… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Pam

Well we went and done it!! My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of getting Zeb a play mate. Of course he wanted another Blue Heeler like… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Knf14

Max and Charlie are the most loving dogs.! Max can be so hyper and when he's sleepy he can be the sweetest litlle puppy. Charlie is the same way. They… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Jill R.

BY: John J. McGonagle April 30, 2008 (working draft) Comments There is no firm data on the total population of pedigreed cats in US households or … more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Carrie R. | 5

I feel like I need to write to our shelter’s supporters before I leave for Orlando. Tomorrow Stacey and Jan Lincicome and I will be heading o… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By Keri S. | 1

So - I have never had a dog before Torque, but I have always known people who do have dogs to just leave a bowl of food sitting in the kitchen daily f… more ›

May 13, 2008 | By LilRed | 9

Rae has been missing since last Friday. I don't expect I will ever see her again but I sure hope I am wrong. I sure wish I knew what had happened to… more ›

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