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Jun 13, 2008 | By Cassie574

i actually lost my nilly the unknown tadpole. he died from what i dont know but i do actually miss him lol he always swam on top of the bowl when ever… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Kay or Kat n.

Legacy is just that. She is the combination of her mother Billy and her father Ted. Legacy was born about a year after I had found Billy and Ted in th… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Jill R.

Feline Practitioners Update Vaccination Guidelines User Friendly” Guidelines Published Soon Hillsborough, N.J. – October 3, 2007 - Eliza Sundahl… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Duvala39

My yellow Lab has epilepsy, she is 2 years old and has had seizures since birth. Her previous owners did not tell us that she had a disorder so we di… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Janie C. | 4

Yesterday I was feeling under the weather, so I left work early. However, it was the first lovely sunny day we've had in weeks, so I made sure to get… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Jessica F. | 5

Tinkerbell has become VERY attached to me. She whines at the top of the stairs for me to open the gate so she can come upstairs, but when I move to t… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Janie C. | 1

I spoke w/ Dave Wednesday night and Lucy is home and recovering...although, if it isn't one thing, it's another! Apparently, before her surgery, she … more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 6

Kelsie absolutely can't stand it when someone hugs me or sits beside me or even has my attention. When aunt Sandy gives me a hug before she leaves, K… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By sheri | 4

It was a very nice day.Not to hot,not muggy.Kota and me went for a nice walk in the woods.Stop to play in the brook.Kota is no puppy but loves the wat… more ›

Jun 13, 2008 | By sheri | 3

Flip is not just a Iguana.he is one of my beloved childern he is out of his cage for most of the day now that it is warm,he follows me around always m… more ›

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