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Apr 14, 2008 | By LadyNoah

Divorced and happy! My exhusband and myself took in animals and children. I am a sap when it comes to critters. We have had 150 in and out of our h… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By theresa f.

Surely, GOD put an angel on this earth when bobbi was born. unfortunately, HE didn't make her as rich in funds as HE did in heart. the great work bob… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By Redfleigergirl

hello,my name is lori baumgartner and i'm the proud owner of two adorable kittie-children,or my fur-kids!!My two girls are sisters,and their names are… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By Laura P.

I am writing this journal hoping that it will help Little Shelter win the shelter makeover contest. My family has adopted two dogs from n Little Sh… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By H2Owens

So my husband and I were watching the new Pirates movie and noticed that Jigsaw was wide eyed the WHOLE movie. I guess she likes Johnny Depp and Orla… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By Christine L.

I think Zoo-Too had a great idea when they sponsored the Million Dollar Shelter Make-Over Contest. It gave the Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Re-home the opp… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By jennifer e.

Go bobbi !!!! you deserve that makeover more than anyone!! YOu keep our fuzzy friends off the streets and provide the love eacha nd everyone one of th… more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By Anonymous | 1

first of all thank you to all those that sent me comments/messages about my fish and the accident. i really appreiciated it. and today the rest of my … more ›

Apr 14, 2008 | By Lilmama0087

my baby bear has such a big heart she is so loving and she has so much energy in fact a little to much.but i love her she is way too sweet

Apr 14, 2008 | By Serena E.

want to talk about heart stoping... Today was a mess everything that could go wrong did go wrong for me. But the part that made my heart stop was when… more ›

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