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Jun 06, 2008 | By Calija

Mandy is a very sweet dog who loves to be around people. She is very spoiled because of I love her to pieces and she gets what she wants. S… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Julie Kay S.

If your young dog is chewing on things like furniture legs, I'm guessing that he/she is teething. Chewing on things is not deliberately destructive. I… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Marniphocles | 1

When I lost my baby girl, Fluff, to cancer of the mouth when she was just eight years old, I thought I would emotionally die. She was my best friend, … more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Ourstaff | 5

I just added a couple of photos of my latest foster baby: Rumble.  She is a sweet natured little thing that was starting to turn mean because some id… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Securesnuggler | 16

TOP TEN REASONS WHY: YOU’RE DOG SHOULD BE SLEEPING ON AN ERGONOMIC PET BED As I went to climb under my bed covers and pulled my mattresss out… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By christen j.

layna is a full-blooded pit,but is the biggest teddy bear ive ever seen!!!!!!!!!she is a sweetie pie but will also protect her family.we love her a lo… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Maggie H. | 1

I don't know about anyone else, but I could not LIVE without dogs. And not just any dog. Big dogs. My smallest is 45 lbs. and that's getting kind of l… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Pat F. | 2

Today would have been Panda's 11th Birthday (June 6). It was ironic as we woke up this morning to a thunderstorm. In the last 2 years of Panda's lif… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 4

Yeah, you seen it right, 'parked car' dogs...that's what my Grandfather calls any dog with a mushed in face, or in technical terms, a short muzzle, li… more ›

Jun 06, 2008 | By Julie Kay S. | 2

BARF is the acronym for "Bones and Raw Food," which wouldn't look so scary to folks if they'd stop and consider that raw fruits and vegetables are par… more ›

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