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Jul 02, 2008 | By Anonymous

I appreciate the free samples provided on Zootoo. I've received a couple dog samples since I've joined, but wasted two of my requests on products by J… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By Paige | 6

In the midst of my cleaning and dog playing today, I got an unexpected phone call. Usually I don't answer numbers I don't recognize but I did this one… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By elaine m.

What a fantastic week for the cats! Dominico went to his new "forever" loving home today! How awesome! We didn't have him very long at all. He is a be… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By ChicoanVolunteer | 10

The Humane society has 9 new dogs, and their cats are out of Panleukopenia quarantine. And it's killing me that I won't be able to volunteer this week… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By Seaturtle

I lost my cats to different medical reasons. It has been over a year, and now ready to have a new friend. I live in Escondido and want to find my new… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By patty | 20

Mikki, my little panther has been laid to rest. For the past couple months her health had been deteriorating. She had been losing weight as well as ha… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By Paige | 2

I recently asked a question in the question section regarding uploading videos as I could not get mine to work. Several people responded with answers … more ›


Jul 02, 2008 | By emily d. | 2

crictet got put to sleep today

Jul 02, 2008 | By Ourstaff | 7

I got a large stuffed fish a few years ago to use as a back rest when I was watching TV. I hate those little half chair things and regular bed pillow… more ›

Jul 02, 2008 | By Janie C. | 4

Yes, that's a dramatic "headline" but it's basically what happened. I just spoke w/ a new local reptile fancier a few minutes ago, asking about Camo.… more ›

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