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Jul 01, 2008 | By Anonymous

My friend Elhaam rescued a mommy cat and her four kittens from a shelter about 7 weeks ago and she's looking for a home for them. Read about them H… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Sarbear01

People have been recently throwing out cats, and kittens right outside out shelter. This really needs to stop. If you are in need of a home for your c… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Beth R. | 3

I am do glad that Chester is calming down and learning more everyday. Walks are no longer me dragging him behind me. He keeps up and rarely gets dis… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By CalvinsMom | 9

Does every short-coated breed of dogs have little whorls on their butts? You know, right at the tops of their legs? I think this is the cutest thing… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Beth R. | 8

Okay, my name is Marshmallow, and I am a boy cat. It is humiliating, because everyone thinks I am a girl. Give me a break. I was named by a 9 year … more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Paula M.

I got Fatboy after my Buster Douglas passed. I was so depressed and overcome with grief, my mom insisted we get me a dog. It was like fate, a friend j… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 9

Since the fireworks day is coming SOON, but it's not here yet...but we're already seeing fireworks across the street. Kelsie doesn't seem to mind the… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By jennifer h.

well my pup doesn't like dog food i guess he thinks he's a person lol. i've been trying to introduce him to new pup food but nothing i even buy him di… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Brian K.

I tried not to bring work home with me, but the "Wonder Twins" caught my eyes and my heart. They were on the "List" a couple times and I just could no… more ›

Jul 01, 2008 | By Jschrol698 | 2

My husband and I adopted Payton from our local Humane Society. We looked at so many dogs, and I would have taken them all if I could have. We had be… more ›

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