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Jul 08, 2008 | By julia l. | 1

would you help all animals or just some like you dislike cats or snakes or do u want to help all of them i would help all of them

Jul 08, 2008 | By julia l.

extra food or store bought treats she will do her m,agic trick and make them disappear in second she loves the treat then she will play and you think … more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By julia l.

she is so sweet when you get ahold of her she is so sneeky she will be their one second the next shes gone it gets frustrating and she doesn't even li… more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By julia l. | 1

there are so many things you can say about cats they are funny, cute, adventurous, mean, curious, rambunctious, aggressive, sweet, lving, and caring i… more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By sheila f. | 15

If you haven't already checked out my list of freebie sites you really should. I have received many free treats for me and my pets. This morning at … more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By sheila f. | 13

As most of you know, we had a terrible scare with our 14 year old chocolate Lab a couple of weeks ago. He suffered a heat stroke and it was not only t… more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By amy m. | 4

i have been pet sitting a 11 month old great dane pup- what a hoot! she is full of vim and vigor. i just love puppies- esp when they go home, LOL!

Jul 08, 2008 | By Jessica H. | 16

Found an interesting article about a study that lists the Dachshund as the most aggressive breed, followed by Chihuahuas, Jack Russel Terriers, Akita,… more ›

Jul 08, 2008 | By Leslie W. | 1

I just received the results of Mikey's dna sexing test and Mikey is a male!! Yeah, finally a bird with the correct name for its gender.

Jul 08, 2008 | By Brian K. | 2

I really do think she is afraid of the dark. The last two nights she has been up all night crying. Then when Shannon got up Zayna went to sleep. S… more ›

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