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Apr 25, 2008 | By Doglady100

“NOSTALGIA” Hi, my name is Shirley Jung, and I’m a volunteer at Little Shelter. I was born in Huntington and have lived there all of my 64 y… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Anonymous

My shelter should win because they really deserve a makeover. They are all working hard, are always friendly and very helpful. It would be great if ou… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Sean | 1

WPRAS has never really had very much help with funds from the community. The shelter is also very small, three rooms for cats to roam free and two roo… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Anonymous

My shelter, West Plains Regional Animal Shelter, should win because they need exactly what promises. Bringing the community and the shelter… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Elisha C.

WOW is all I can say about our visit from Zootoo. We have been waiting for this day it seems forever. I knew we have support from our community but … more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Jeanne H. | 1

Each shelter that gets visited by the zootoo makeover team knows how special it is. It is wonderful to have your shelter and all your great animals r… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By sara s.

Please animals die every day, we should all try to help as much as we can.

Apr 25, 2008 | By Kathleen | 1

My beta fish has passed away. Although he and I didn't have a strong relationship, I am still sad about it. I have lost pets before, and this one is n… more ›

Apr 25, 2008 | By Renee P. | 1

Jordan got spayed Tuesday. She is very dramatic! You'd think she was the only puppy ever to get spayed! LOL

Apr 25, 2008 | By KathyBates

Danbury Animal Welfare assists 5 area towns. The volunteers do so much to alleviate the overpopulation of cats and dogs in our area. If they get the… more ›

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