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Apr 27, 2008 | By FredandGloriann

I have been supporting Little Shelter for a number of years. They have done great work for the benifit of animals and work to place homless animals i… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Skyewhite

We rescue dogs that have no other options left and find them homes. Am looking for foster parents and adoptors in the Santa Fe, NM area. We get ab… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Rozann W.

I have three cats, whom I cannot live without! They are all inside cats and I love them all. I got all three of them at the Parkersburg Humane Societ… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Florence H.

I am a married women and mother of 3 young adults and a grandmother and i have 3 dogs-COCO,NUBIAN,(both female)WITT is a male.COCO is akita/shep mix(N… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By caleb m.

This dog loves to catch food in her mouth. ( She also farts in her sleep) She loves to have a bone chew on.Harley is a feirce dog when a stanger comes… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Jordy140

Since I am two years old I would run after any kind of animal that came into my sight. My first cat rescue was at age 15, I rescued this cat from the… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Punky L.

Simba is an crazy cat. He is very big and can wrestle with our Rottweiler puppy (and they do). Simba loves to steal things and brings stuff downstai… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By Moore4dogs | 2

Brinda got adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for her and her new family.

Apr 27, 2008 | By Hardtcam

I was fortunate enough to be brought to the Maxfund as a small guy. You see, my mommy had distemper when she was pregnant with me, so I have some qui… more ›

Apr 27, 2008 | By garyHILL h.

I am shocked at how some are portraying this area to not care about animals.A lot of people simply cannot afford a pet,but still try to help all the… more ›

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