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Aug 15, 2008 | By Courtney F. | 1

So I recently joined a new barn. Im now working with an adorable 8 year old arabian pony gelding named Danny. He's under 14hh but im not completely su… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By daryl b. | 4

i think i told you that pipers pic disappeared from my pets and is just in my other photos. they suggested reloading it. i did now he is a silouette a… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By daryl b.

i wnat to change the title i requested i want to be the peace maker. DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE IDIOTS CHASE YOU AWAY FROM SOMETHING YOU ENJOY jus… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By sheri | 7

Anyone else see this?They showed a fashion show and promoted a contest.I know a little Diva Pup who would of loved some of the dresses.It was on the m… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By ShaktiShiloh

Hello everyone! :) If you don't know that yet I'd like to share some news with you about my new website! I'm so excited that now I can share some i… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By Cindy | 66

Well, today I'm noticing yet another round of the "Log-In Blues". Want to post a news comment, "Log-In" twice please; want to check my messages, "Log… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By Cady Lynn | 5

what are your guys takes on PETA? i remember when i first became vegetarian a few years back i also became a major PETA freak, and i like literally wo… more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By Carol L. | 13

When I was wondering how to keep Max cool when it got hot he managed to solve the problem all by himself. Max likes to sleep in the tub on hot days, … more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By Carly T. | 10

I know zootoo has been down in the dumps lately so I'm hoping some funny stories will raise some spirits. What was the funniest thing you caught your … more ›

Aug 15, 2008 | By Rakubu | 67

After being a member of Zootoo for over a year, apparently my comments are no longer welcome. I just received notice that a comment I made on a news … more ›

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