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Jul 24, 2008 | By Dell City H.

we are just starting out in far West Texas. we are a NO kill shelter. we have 25 acres of land. we need to build fences, buildings, runs etc. we will … more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Jessica F. | 11

I've read through several journals that Bobbi and the Strays needs to raise a large amount of money to continue their work. They won't have a shelter… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Rakubu | 4

One of our fellow Zootooer's is writing a series of books and has already published two. I conducted a brief Q&A interview with author Elaine Marlier… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Beth R. | 6

Thanks to everyone who posted an answer to Chester urinating when people come over. As I was typing this, hubby said, "He doesn't urinate. He tinkle… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Christina | 1

I am still amazed at all of the vast information available on this site and all of the knoweldgeble people who are so eager to lead a hand. I could e… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Anonymous | 2

Aren't you glad our hearing is so good? We can tell you about every little thing that we hear; every approaching danger. We've gotten much better an… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Anonymous | 3

If you could only see me now, I'm doing my version of a happy dance. I just made it to Zoowise! It seems silly to get excited about this, but I guess… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Carol B. | 1

I am new at this. I would like some ideas on how to help raise money for my local shelter. We are on a small Island. Any help would be appreciated.

Jul 24, 2008 | By Rhonda F. | 1

Missey is my baby.She is very loving ,lots of fun and a good watch dog.I rescued her momma and she has 8 siblings,all got great homes and I kept my Mi… more ›

Jul 24, 2008 | By Paige

as it stands now Nacho is in 7th, Sugar is in 11 an Rex is in 20th. So GO VOTE FOR THEIR CUTE BUTTS. Just do it a'right? MWAH!

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