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Aug 19, 2008 | By Kara C. | 7

I don't know who wrote this, I just saw it published most recently in the Midwest Doberman Rescue newsletter, but I think it's something that most of … more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Beautyandthebeast | 2

Ares is a good dog a lot of the time. It's just when he's a bad dog, he's a REALLY bad dog. Today he ran away, again. This is his 5th time. He alw… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Jill R. | 11

I just read an article in Veterinary Practice News and according to a survey by Veterinary Pet Health Insurance... Top Reasons Dogs were taken to t… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Hellpie

As I posted earlier, Jett has gotten fatter. Her roommate Nails has lost half a pound, though. Nails is in the habit of hopping onto the fridge and … more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Carol L. | 10

I am so discouraged with all the confusion happening lately. Every day I think this will be the end of it when another journal comment stirs things u… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By JenniferMaurer | 15

I was reminded of my most embarrassing moment with Simone today and had to share. It was Halloween . . she was two. She was dressed as Simonita (se… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Nikki B. | 7

I'm sure no vet would recommend Nair in a dog's ear, but the joke is cute anyway. NAIR My neighbor found out her dog could hardly hear so sh… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By T | 7

Well all of the preparation for Fay paid off! We didn't get much of a hit, but it is blowing terribly and the kids don't like the winds blowing so ha… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Maggiemay29

Hey zoo-tooers! This is just to tell you that I have recently uploaded a picture of Callie and her kittens in the photo contest ''Adopted Pet Photo/St… more ›

Aug 19, 2008 | By Karen W.

I have added some more pictures of my girl, Mitzi. I'd be happy, and proud, if some of you would go and take a look. I tried to use some cute captions… more ›

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