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Aug 29, 2008 | By DnB08

Dang It you Otter Dog. You got my pant leg again and you are how old. You should know better. Everyone always wonders why i nip your ear. I swear to N… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Julie Kay S. | 29

As summer wanes and fall tells us that it's just around the corner with the cicada raucous chorus and the raining down of falling dry leaves, Wiggles … more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Chris | 4

I was searching the net and came across a story about a Golden retriever who adopted baby cubs from a Kansas zoo. What a great story. It is always n… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Amanda S. | 3

Looking forward to fall, leaves changing colors, temp. lowers, things get so pretty! This will be Shiloh's first Halloween! Maybe she'll let us put he… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Lori W.

Well my husband & I decided to add a dog into our family so we went to a breeder in Gult & found JP he & his brothers were sooo darn cute I wanted to … more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Chris | 1

I noticed a news story about a four-eared kitty & think he is adorable. I commend the family that rescued the kitty in 2006 at 8 weeks old from a bar … more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Andrea l.

Today the baby was turned out for the first time. It is remarkable how much the baby has learned in just a few days. He not only stands and moves ea… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Shoko | 6

You decided that you wanted to move to an apartment that didn't allow pets. I don't know what lured you. Maybe it was a boyfriend or a girlfriend. May… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Vicki T. | 11

My Dog Lives Here - A Tribute to a Best Friend My dog and I live in this house. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime but we have a few thin… more ›

Aug 29, 2008 | By Amanda S. | 2

Shiloh is getting so big! We're trying to train/teach her that it's not okay to jump up on people to greet them, and that she can't use her teeth to p… more ›

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