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Aug 30, 2008 | By Diane | 6

We have yet to put Jack w/ the other kids because Rescue Ink mentioned we should wait for him to get used to his surroundings. Well, it just hurts tha… more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Kimmyxx

We got Ginger on April 2nd,2008. The first night that she came home with us, she was constantly on her wheel. Driving me crazy!. It was so loud. I cou… more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Bobbie S. | 5

A Man in Grand Rapids, Michigan incredibly took out a US $7,000 full page ad in the paper to present the HOW COULD YOU? By Jim Willis, 2001 How … more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Melissa and Bossie F. | 85

I have been not only searching for a new home but a new job also. I am out processing from the Army and in processing as a civilian. I am not used to … more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Kimmyxx | 3

Prince always seemed like a happy cat, he liked to play and always wanted you're attention. He always slept mostly during the day and when i would go … more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By TIFFANY J.

I really do love Abby, but I think I might have to get rid of her.........I really don't want to but she is get very territorial and food aggressive. … more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By TIFFANY J. | 9

I really thought that after a month Boomer's death would be a lil bit easier for me, but IT IS NOT!! I swear, the other night I could not get it toge… more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Rhonda S. | 1

Well, today was Doggie Splash Day at the city park pool. The city opens up the pool for one day at the end of the summer to allow people to bring the… more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Arden M.

My final stop in the second leg of my national book tour landed me in the quaint and welcoming town of Westerly, Rhode Island. The day started off on … more ›

Aug 30, 2008 | By Tracy | 2

Nutmeg's mom was an outdoor cat of a co-worker of my husband's. We already had our cat Shadow in our home. Nutmeg's mom gave birth to 5 kittens, 2 o… more ›

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