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Sep 07, 2008 | By Cathy10

what a nice sunny day

Sep 07, 2008 | By Sarah H. | 1

Zeppelin is such a little HAM! Of course as I say that he lays down on my hand and instantly falls asleep!!!! He's getting along wonderfully, althou… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By Samy | 8

i am a widow new to this and the area, i have 2 boys in the navy. i am a dog & cat groomer. recently my baby girl a yorkie pasted away so at this ti… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By suzie F. | 2

Tricol is a feral cat that, along with her brother Peepers, was born under our front porch. Their was another female, "Rosta", that was in the same l… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By suzie F.

Elvis was adopted from a family that decided not to keep him. He was about 3 months old when I brought him home in 1990. He was a house cat for years,… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By Mylittlechi | 18

In today's world of dogs we are all getting a taste of animal terrorist's.. its not the hate of dogs it the hate of fellow human beings who love dogs.… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By suzie F.

We saw a picture of Nicky being carried out of the woods on the front page of the newspaper. She was rescued along with 4 of her puppies. They said th… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By Capstan

Hello. The weather's still pretty hot around here. Keisha goes for a lot more walks lately, and she drinks water whenever she comes back. I'm glad. Sh… more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By suzie F.

We adopted Pogo in January '04 as a plump but small puppy with an adorable face. We only knew that he was rescued along with the rest of his siblings … more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By Lynn C. | 1

For as long as I can remember I have always had a bummed out attitude on Sunday. I like my job what would rather stay home. After our four hour walk y… more ›

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