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Sep 05, 2008 | By Sandy L.

The RED HAT SOCIETY is a Global organization of Ladies over 50, called Red Hatters and Ladies under 50, called Pink Hatters that come together for FRI… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Elitelisa22 | 1

Well today Chloe is going to get groomed. We are trying a new place just because it is closer to home. (Like Right across the street.) At the other gr… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Paige | 8

After I dropped Connor off at school this morning I stopped at a yard sale in my neighborhood (I love to bargain hunt) and my zoo racked up! Skittles … more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Carol L. | 25

Last night I was watching CSI, they were trying to find the reason for a death of a citizen who it appeared had been killed by dog bites. They follow… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Dell City H. | 4

we are just starting out in far West Texas. we are a NO kill shelter. we have 25 acres of land. we need to build fences, buildings, runs etc. we will … more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Tessa | 5

Hurriicane Hanna is supposed to hit us sometime this evening. Well we're stocked up on food for the beasties,extra water,and all the essentials. Luck… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Kitnpup31605

The flea shampoo seems to be working pretty good and coupled with the Brewer's yeast there shouldn't be a problem. I did notice some new tapeworm segm… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Kitnpup31605

This morning was the first moring since we got Dhalia that I woke up to find no signs of feces or urine in the house! I'm shocked because she was sufe… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By ChicoanVolunteer | 2

We stopped by the Humane Society yesterday and guess who was there to greet us? Dakota! I thought she was gone! The last time we saw her she was out w… more ›

Sep 05, 2008 | By Jill R. | 2

This was sent to me by a friend: "My chihuahua Lucy has been missing for over 3 days now... I am so heartbroken without her, worried sick, I cove… more ›

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