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Sep 07, 2008 | By AmandaLalagos

Thursday September 4th, 2008 I came home form school and found that there was dirt dragged in form outside. First thing i think of is... Where in the … more ›

Sep 07, 2008 | By Crystal O.

I have only had my ferret about aweek, and she is a biter. I have read the books and what they say to get them to stop, but do some of you have have … more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By sharon g.

the was not my pick. he belonged to my brother originally. his new wife, however, is allergic to cats. so furdoor is now part of my househo… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By sharon g.

mellow is another cat from my work place. he is a gorgeous orange / white turkish van. he most definately lives up to his name of "mellow"! he's a swe… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By sharon g. | 2

naomi came to me from my workplace! she was found out on the shipping dock by my supervisor who in turn called me out to see her. it was love at first… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By Pame D. | 5

ok guess ya read fell down steps, well friday morning mom was flipping out cuz my trachea problem had me gasping for air. By afternoon I was fine! and… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By Kathleen C.

You know what sucks there is not place on this site to put my Goats, maybe I will list them under small animals. My girls are just as much a part of … more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By Rhonda S. | 23

Chihuahua of Beverly Hills, or was it Chihuahua of Hollywood? Anyway, at the movies I saw a preview of a new "cute" family style movie coming out abo… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By lorraine B.

Guinea pig's for adoption's. All Location's Please Check back often for update's Or Message the blogger for specific Location Help. guineapiga… more ›

Sep 06, 2008 | By beverly y. | 2

i miss lady tweety bo and lucky

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