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Sep 04, 2008 | By Nikki B. | 4

A travelling ventriloquist on the road in between jobs decided to practice his craft before his next show. He stopped at a farmhouse and approached th… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Tessa | 12

I wrote the letter to the editor tuesday night,they called wednesday to confirm the spelling of my name ( which they still spelled wrong) and voila'..… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Helen C.

My mother has four hummingbird feeders on her porch. Every summer, we sit and watch the tiny feathery titans do their aerial acrobatics. One year th… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By sheri | 41

I just recieved notice that Flip was one of the winners for funniest animal video.Thank-you to everyone who voted for my boy.He gets watermelon for a … more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Susan | 17

Dear Zootooers, So many of you have been trying to help us raise funds for a new shelter that I was hoping I could impose on some of you living in… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Diana T. | 8

The two embryo transfer mares that a friend and I have worked so hard over the past few months to save are now happily living at REASON Horse Rescue i… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Diana T.

Don't forget to save the date for Saturday, September 27th! ReRun is having their annual horse show to benefit their ex-racehorses at the NJ Horse Par… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By Paws4acause

Well this is my break visitng zootoo at 1 am. I have been designing a website for a lady today. The ladys dog is very ill and will most likely die. It… more ›

Sep 04, 2008 | By rachel G. | 3

OK so It's clear i adore cats seeing how i have 4 . And i am a cat lover til death and usually if other people don't like cats i'm fine with it. Every… more ›

Sep 03, 2008 | By Brian D. | 5

I was speaking to one of the staff at Animal Haven I told them I have an extra Crunchy Tunnel that I would like to bring in to give to the cats. The s… more ›

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