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Sep 15, 2008 | By Michele G. | 6

This was sent to me: » 95% of cat owners admit they talk to their cats. » A cat can be either right-pawed or left-pawed. » A cat can jum… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Carol L. | 102

I have noticed that I hardly see any of my friends journals unless I go to the most recent and browse through them all looking for them. It seems lik… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By DELETE THIS ACCOUNT P.

I got Cookie as a gift for my 9th birthday. She was a miniature poodle,I became attached to her right away. I didn't know much about dogs back then, … more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Dadrach2 | 1

Okay, I wasn't sure if I was going to list this as breeds or training, but I believe with the exception of one or two individual dogs, that training h… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Lisa S. | 4

Hi everyone! Im very proud to say that Niko did graduate from his very 1st puppy class! Yeah Niko! We now have started him with a personal trainer s… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Linda M. | 3

I know that all of us will be interested in this story. I tried to send it as a link, but I am just one step above computer illiterate and I didn't k… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Nikki B. | 1

<------------- Click the Pic It is a lolcat picture from It's one that made me laugh because it reminded me of when we m… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Barbara G.

This product is great. My picky eater even liked it. I have never tried it before and we went to a dog fun day last weekend and bought some. I wish… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Cynthia G.

We adopted Cassie on September 1st, 2008. She is such a smart beautiful little girl. She is still learning a lot, and is such a wonderful companion to… more ›

Sep 15, 2008 | By Caroline V.

Hello, as my friends know I have a 8 year old son named Brooks, well on aug. 24, 2008 I added another little boy to the mix. Camden was born at 6:10 p… more ›

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