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Sep 08, 2008 | By Grandma8167

coming up with a name for this one has been hard. realizing that litter training is not in the genes was fun too. at least sleeping behind the piano… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By fran m. | 10

A wonderful woman stationed in Collins, MS has decided to let me adopt 2 of her kittens...and will arrive tonight at 6:30pm. Her story needs to be tol… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Margie R. | 7

hi, a friend of mine feeds his dogs dry dog food that contains 'animal digest.' He actually pays $50 for a big bag. This ingredient is listed 8th o… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Rachel E. | 6

I let Kelsie out to go potty, of course, making sure to clip her tie on securely. The next thing I know Her Grandma says, 'RACH! Kels is LOOSE!' Of co… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Rhonda S. | 4

Before "buying" a puppy from a breeder always visit the premises first. Check out the living conditions of the animals. Are they clean, free of STRO… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By daryl b. | 3

anyone who is home at 1pm est watch all my children. rebecca is that mean nasty greenlee. maybe they can do a scripts about being resposable with anim… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Anonymous

The babies are doing great, they are mostly tame now. Well as tame as felines get anyway. Scooter has taken them under his wing and watches over them … more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Cathy10

alice just went in her cage

Sep 08, 2008 | By Cathy10

have to give the dogs the old meat

Sep 08, 2008 | By Crystal O.

I have been spending tons of time with my Ferret to get her used to people and to get her to quit biting. She is so neat, I am loving every minute of… more ›

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