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Sep 02, 2008 | By BellaAmber

Can someone explain Pet wars to me? I am new to this site and don't understand a lot of it! Hope everyone had a good day!

Sep 02, 2008 | By bria s. | 1

i am so happy because i might be gettin a new hermit crab

Sep 02, 2008 | By bria s.

jack lives with my dad and when i went to go see my dad jack wasnt there cause he lives with my dads friend and it is really sad nd i might be gettin … more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By bria s. | 1

my dog buddy got a cut on his leg and he kept on biting it and it was bleeding and so my nana got a thing that looks like a lamp shade and he looks so… more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By Chris | 13

I took Jack for his first run in the yard today. He was running around the yard & having fun. He kept running in the yard like a pony. I'll take h… more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By Lani0105 | 2

I'm Ashley. but prefer Ash. I have a 5 year old rottie. She was the runt of the litter and a tiny thing for 5. No one wanted her and the breeder was… more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By Chris

Jack has been grabbing the throw pillows & chewing on them. He is in a playful mood. Tomorrow we will look for some new toys for mr. jabberjaws.

Sep 02, 2008 | By Margie R. | 8

Cadbury is very upset with her mommy cuz her food/water bowls were moved to a new location. same room but her mommy rearranged the furniture and ther… more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By Anonymous | 78

Is anyone else having trouble on the site this evening? I commented on a news story and it ended up in the wrong place. I can't reply to some messag… more ›

Sep 02, 2008 | By ChicoanVolunteer | 11

Puppies! Oh my gosh, I thought I would never find a breeder! But here's one! Found them by way of classifieds in our newspaper. They had a website, so… more ›

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