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Sep 08, 2008 | By Wayne P.

Read Wayne's Blog here: Few people can speak for the animals like Wayne Pacelle, Chief Executive Officer of the Huma… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Kimberly F. | 1 My name is Casper. I was saved from euthanasia 10 months ago by a wonderful rescue group Marley's Pit Stop in Los… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Andrea l.

This past Sunday we took a group of horses to Chattahoochee Hills to x-country school. I took Brett, Devil, and Dakorem. Brett, as always, is a … more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Diane | 24

Meals on Wheels serves many residents by delivering food to people's homes w/ limited mobility & finances. Recently, Lincoln County, Oregon Sheriff De… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Andrea l.

This past saturday I tought a clinic in Forsyth, Ga. This journal will kind of go along with the last one I wrote, about different students. I kne… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By BabyDaisy13

I like dominance traing. It works really well with my dog. Most people have the wrong idea about it, they say that it makes your dog afraid of you… more ›


Sep 08, 2008 | By Andrew R. | 6

We found out that somebody found pal,but they didn't give him back.We don't know who it is yet,but I have a feeling im not going to see him again.Ever… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Ourstaff

I have been having problems getting my computer to work lately because my mouse keeps sticking. I know that it is because there is some kind of hair o… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By Anonymous | 6

Jadrian Jr. was my first Betta; I bought him one day at PetSmart and wanted him with me at the office... So I bought him a small two gallon home, some… more ›

Sep 08, 2008 | By JenniferMaurer | 87

It really isn't like me to get political and raise a stir . . but I was really not happy when I heard about Palin's stance on polar bears. See articl… more ›

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