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Aug 13, 2008 | By Heather C.

Global warming is becoming a big problem because the polar bears are losing there habitat. See I saw a commercial that showed a mom and a cub and she … more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Margie R. | 1

Life is good tonight. Amelia is by my side chewing on a bone. Had dinner with a good friend. We drove by the water and watched the ducks floating by… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Bikerbratwen | 2

Well chase has decided to take another tour of our town again, he's now been gone for 5 days now. I know he will come back but it's just me worrying i… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Bikerbratwen

Harley got a bath today, she definitely loves taking a bath. Hopefully I can take her to grandma's tomorrow, gets very spoiled when she goes there.

Aug 13, 2008 | By Christina

So my husband and I were quickly reminded today of another fun obstacle to go through with puppies. The recooperating after their surgery. My husban… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By michelle d. | 1

I've wanted to comment on a few stories every time i try page says uploading freezes then boots me i tried 5 X's today uggg. I was wondering if any b… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Jessica H. | 2

For North Americans Similar to HomeAgain or Avid microchip, this is a lost pet registry where you can also include your microchi… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Anonymous | 5

Saint Louis Zoo Saint Louis, Missouri Animals are dying to entertain you at the Saint Louis Zoo. A polar bear named Churchill died in May 2005 aft… more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Jessica H.

I see SO MANY questions popping up in the "answers" section every day asking what are pet wars and how do you enter. I think zootoo needs to make it … more ›

Aug 13, 2008 | By Carol L. | 11

We own our own business and I have been wondering what to do with one of our office walls- I am going to start downloading pet pictures of my friends … more ›

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