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Oct 05, 2008 | By Bugsysdad

Thanks Grandma Nancy!!! Thank you for watching Lilly and I while mom and dad were out of town. I had so much fun taking over your couch. Love Bugsy

Oct 05, 2008 | By Anonymous

Just some thoughts on how I try to make our pets lives as happy as they can be. I love going for walks with my dogs, it gives them not only exercise b… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Christy

I was at Petco yesterday and picked up a copy of Chicagoland Tails magazine. I started out today by browsing through it and found the information for … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Jessica T.

My mom had an interesting weekend with 4 chihuahuas. My fiancee and I had to go out of town for the night and Bugsy is on med so he had to stay with … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Eric W.

Fostering dogs is a great way to help your local shelter. Fostering is taking a pet in a shelter live with you until they find a permanent home. This … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Horserider792

I have been fostering puppies with the Humane Soiciety of Southern Arizona since May, 2007. I have had so much fun doing so and I enjoy having every p… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Jessica T.

What a merky rainy day. I hate trying to get my dogs to go potty on rainy days they are such brats about it. They are so little that they get soaked… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Jessica T.

I will tell you honestly that I have never seen a cat I thought was UGLY! Until...there was this one night I pulled up to my townhouse and a disgustin… more ›


Oct 05, 2008 | By danielle f.

how can people be so crule to animals. They only need love and good homes. Why do people do this stuff?

Oct 05, 2008 | By Jessica T.

I have a calico and she's spoiled out the wazoo! She's been drinking running water from tubs and sinks since she was a wee thing. I thought I had the … more ›

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