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Oct 15, 2008 | By Laura R.

Buddy is my gelding who I searched for three long years. I had to put my first Palomino paint down due to a broken leg 4 months after I got married. S… more ›

Oct 15, 2008 | By shell c. | 3

having a time trying to get our city to help us with this event. AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH! I am going to make this happen! there are so many cats and dogs… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Kaleigh | 1

Tonight I stopped by Dogs Night Out at HSHC. It's a great event for the animals there. Dogs get out of their pens and are exercised by volunteers! The… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Anna E.

What a day at work, it was busy, busy, busy. We had all kinds of walk-ins with all kinds of problems. One in particular continues to bother me. This l… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Laura R.

I have been hearing a lot about zootoo on WNDH 103.1, Napoleon. The morning report from the Henry County Humane Society is something I listen to every… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Michele Z.

I just heard a disturbing and disgusting story on the local news. Someone tied a dog--a nursing mother--onto the train tracks in North Braddock, PA. … more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Jo D.

HI, We were recently asked if we are a no kill shelter and why we feel we need this makeover...below is my response to this inquiry...we felt we sh… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Linda L.

My neighbor walks his grandson in a stroller everyday and says stopping, talking and petting Simone and Ricki is the highlight of their walk. Sometime… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By Jo D.

We will be galavanting around NYC again tomorrow...Shilohs horse (actually he is a wonderful little colt) is on his way to his new temp home at Shiloh… more ›

Oct 14, 2008 | By maribeth m.

Tails Are Not for Pulling Author: Verdick, Elizabeth Format: Paperback 24 pages, illustrated, full-color, 7" x 7", baby–preschool Pets may not … more ›

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