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Oct 10, 2008 | By laura f. | 3

gordy hit the tv screen when john mccain came how's that for a smart cat!!

Oct 10, 2008 | By Joyce

This morning we took Bailey to the vet. her incission is infected and she is on antibiotics. She acts fine, Running, playing, eating,etc.. I'm glad we… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Moriah7

While watching tv this commerical at a DQ came on-this guy is eating chickin strips and his dog is begging -he gives dog a piece and the dog just sit … more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Linda T.

Yes I must say that my fiance' and I are both thinking about Christmas. What to get everyone, who will we celebrate with, etc.? Even at work I am t… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Gina S.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments on my journal from a couple days ago. It somehow helped me to cope with the bad story about the kids and th… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Debra S.

Banditt is such a wonderful companion. He is half Great Pyrenees and half Komondor and 100% love. His hair is like Great Pyrenees but grows long lik… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Anonymous

Well...after much thought, I have decided that adopting a dog is not the best option for me. I am happy with my two kitties :) I am "doggy-sitting" f… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Linda T.

The Friends Pet Training Center in Dearborn Michigan is looking for a few good or bad puppies to join their Puppy 101 class that is starting October 1… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By Melissa F.

I am so excited, we're going to be able to paint and texture the front entrance of the Humane Society. All I have to do is get some volunteers and pai… more ›

Oct 10, 2008 | By donna w.

There's nothing quite like hearing that the little kitty you helped save has been adopted! My latest foster kitty, Diva, has been adopted and it's ve… more ›

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