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Oct 06, 2008 | By Gina S.

We have been doing a lot of yard work this week. We got some straw to cover an area of fresh grass seed. We had unloaded it from the truck in a stac… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Gina S. | 1

I had 2 fish when I was a kid. Goldfish. Orangy and Goldie. The were in a small tank in the room with my toys. I liked to watch them swim, and rem… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By tiffany b.

well our new pet is all set up and happy his name in neelix and he seems to like him new homw

Oct 06, 2008 | By Melissa and Bossie F. | 52

I know that most of the Zootooers have read the recently posted News Article about Operation Baghdad Pups who are being adopted by U.S. Service Member… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By PJ W. | 3

There was a story about cats and car engines and I think everyone should honk their hone, or hit the hood or something before starting the car. One o… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Heather | 2

I was talking politics with my boss (what was I thinking, right!) who is a conservative. I brought up the Palin predator control thing, and the infor… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Linda T.

While I am foster Dottie it reminds me what it takes to have a Pit Bull in your house. There are different rules when you have other pets and a Pit Bu… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Lisa H.

It has been almost a month since I sent my Mom's dog Sam to Friends of Pep border collie rescue in Pennsylvania, and I still miss him dearly. Sam bel… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Moriah7

I am so proud of the support we are recieving at BGWCHS.We are all working hard for our shelter. Love you all.

Oct 06, 2008 | By Mary W.

Please spay and neuter your cats. Our shelters are overflowing with cats and kittens. Remind your friends, place placards on your cars. Write your l… more ›

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