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Oct 05, 2008 | By alex

Slimers is at it again. For the past couple days he has been climbing the walls. He is so slimy that he will keep going up and slipping down. Copp… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Amber A.

Today's a good day.. i got to sleep in, a half hour after i'd normally get up :] and it's cloudy and sprinkly rainy today.. which means a car ride in … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By betty p. | 12

I never like to keep secrets if they are mine own to give away. I will forever keep a secret you tell me. That I can promise. But my secrets, I spill … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Anonymous

Please help South Surburban Humane Society earn the million dollars! It would mean so much for us! Please help! Please please please!

Oct 05, 2008 | By Denise E. | 3

I'm writing regarding the three best types of Livestock Protection animals. (ie: For poulty, sheep, goats, etc.) I have 200, soon to be 300 barred… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By HUMANE SOCIETY O. | 7

Our shelter is in Cherokee County Oklahoma. It is a beautiful area filled with good people but it is not a great place for many dogs and cats. We ha… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Kate J.

Why should we invite people to join so that we get more points? I was just wondering. Also, who sets the limits on how much we should write for it to … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Kate J.

I know this is a little off topic for a pet website, but I run a lot and I pulled my hamstring while running. Any suggestions for helping it heal othe… more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Kenneth B.

It's hard to believe but the colder weather is not far away. I hope that the large amount of abandoned pets from the foreclosures stops soon. These … more ›

Oct 05, 2008 | By Moriah7

I just finishing reading a journal about a side-line-out-of-home coffee business that featured the dogs of owner and friends.Gosh I wish I was smart e… more ›

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