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Oct 09, 2008 | By Vbspcablog

In an effort to increase the likelihood that a pet owner will be reunited with his or her lost pet, effective November 1st, 2008 all stray animals wil… more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Lavidania

Today I think i will upload a video of my maltese and my new kitten play fighting.It's pretty amazing how well they get along.

Oct 09, 2008 | By maryann m.

Can I tell you I was a cat person for well over 16 years before Tiki elected to come into our lives? Yup, there was no way I was going to get a dog. … more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Chrystal1331

we just adopted two cats fromour humane society. Masin and daphidil. daphidil was there sence she was a kitten and masin was there for 4months. it was… more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Donna

All men are created equal, but none is equal to a dog! (From a Howard Huge comic) Give you sweeties lots of hugs and kisses today and tomorrow and s… more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Karen L.

Politicians come to Wellington to See the Working Alternative to Horse Slaughter. MEDIA ALERT: October 9, 2008 It is not everyday you can get o… more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Chrystal1331

i never realized how much work they do at the humane society. i love the work but in the mornings its actual work. im glad i got the job.and even tho … more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By Anonymous

For 5 years, my sister's cock-a-poo, Ruffles, had been obsessively licking 3 of his paws. He is a white dog, but his paws have turned a dark, reddish… more ›

Oct 09, 2008 | By AWL60415

Halloween can be a festive and fun time of year for children and families, but for family pets, it can be a stressful and even dangerous time of year.… more ›


Oct 09, 2008 | By Nursiepeg

On Thanksgiving about 6 years ago Max got loose. All our children were home and the gait was accidentally left open. He instinctively of course knew… more ›

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