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Oct 12, 2008 | By Kate J.

I recently adopted a dog from As Good As Gold. Their workers were very helpful. I would highly recommend them to you!

Oct 12, 2008 | By Leith h.

Barkley seems to have the tip of his tongue sticking out at the strangest times. Here is another pic he is beeing picked up and there is that tongue.

Oct 12, 2008 | By 9robin58

It is that time of year when the chipmunks are really gathering food for winter. We have 2 living in our garage and there is a hole in the ground nea… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Leith h.

Rufus is so large but very gentel. He can play with the smallest of dogs without you haveing to worry. He very sweet. He has people who just stop by t… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Verity S.

Is that weird? I have a backyard where it can live. It can even come inside if it gets along with Bubba. Id call it something funny yet sophisticate… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Verity S.

Ok, so last night and today I did Pet Wars again, and now Im going for the underdog, literally. The less cute pet gets my vote this time around! For … more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By lacey m. | 1

Share the importance of spay/neuter with all those you know have pets. There are not nearly enough homes for them all! Allowing your pet to have "just… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Joyce

last night, as my husband and I watched tv, I caught myself watching the fish tank. The catfish were playing, the placostimus was cleaning the front g… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Grumblemouse

What a lovely Sunday. Mr. Cat is sitting next to me at the computer desperately trying to explain to me that it is of the utmost importance that he go… more ›

Oct 12, 2008 | By Sue O.

Well, as heart breaking as it was to let him go, it is even sadder to find out that Concho is coming back home. It is tough to add a new animal to an … more ›

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