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Oct 06, 2008 | By Little Beaks a.

I cant believe it is Fall already. it has gotten to cold to fast! I already miss my flowers outside and the pond. The pond has a net over it this year… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Lilrichardb06

My dogs are very crazy sometimes, we just got a new puppy about 3 months ago and she stirs a lot of fuss. I can't complain though since when she is qu… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By beverly y.

i requested three samples i only received one sample so far i requested beefy hydrents i got that sample but i have not received the two others carro… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Anonymous

We are fostering Angus, and my husband has fallen in love with the little guy, and I think he really wants to keep him. I think our two rescued dogs a… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Maddiej

When i turn on the TV and i see the animal cops saveing all of the poor little pets out in the world I theink wow, I bet that must feel good! But I al… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Lexismommy

Photobucket is a cool free site to store your pictures. I like it because if you're using a picture for different sites it has different codes alread… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Marnie B. | 2

Today, one of our long-term resident cats was finally adopted and went home to her new home. We're all thrilled that she finally got her second chanc… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Chris

Published 10/06/2008 By Wes Bunch For the seventh consecutive year, U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services officials will attempt to comb… more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Bud L.

I give my dogs a treat whenever I leave the house. However, if for some reason I need to leave more than once than they get 1/2 treat each time. So … more ›

Oct 06, 2008 | By Luvmybull | 1

Yesterday was one of those days. Some times though, "those days" get to me a little more than others. This one really got to me. My husband and I w… more ›

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